Contact Me

Pastor Rick Finley

Fellowship Baptist Church

515 Southerland Street

Durham, NC 27703


5 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Pastor Finley,
    Just went through your blog page. It looks GREAT and it is user friendly. Thank you in your faithfulness in serving our LORD.

  2. Your email link is not correct

  3. Bro. Finley,

    I just visited your Blog site. Looks real good!! Keep up the good work that you are doing!!

    Thank you for your love and support!!

    Brian Roy George
    Tucuman – Argentina

  4. Bro Finley,

    Its Spencer Jr. I want to say I do tune into the services on youtube on sunday on livestream and it still blesses my soul your sermons and words of encouragement. I want to thank you for being my pastor and always praying for me no matter how far I stray.

    Spencer Lee Hicks Jr.


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